My story

I used to write poetry. From about 2006 to 2011 I went to Pandora's Collective poetry events in Vancouver and read at open mics. In 2011, I lost my job, and the inspiration to write. I did eventually find career-related employment again, but not the desire to write. Until 2018. In May 2017, I was … Continue reading My story



This is a poem that was published in this month's edition of the RCLAS ezine. It's on page 22. Creativity Creativity The greatest gift Bestowed upon us Opens up the mind To endless possibilities It allows us to imagine The unimaginable and Ask why not? I don’t want to say It’s the hand of God … Continue reading Creativity

Review: Shards of Crystal by Fern G.Z. Carr.

Fern Carr’s fantastic new book of Poetry, Shards of Crystal, takes on an emotional, largely introspective journey from darkness to light. It explores human connection in the mist of gloom. Many of the poems speak achingly of pain and loss. Lost is a moving and beautiful call for compassion when someone you love is experiencing … Continue reading Review: Shards of Crystal by Fern G.Z. Carr.

Review: Rainforest in Russet by Cynthia Sharp

I will use this blog for, among other things, reviews of books by fellow BC poets. I will start with a review of Rainforest in Russet by Vancouver poet and young adult fiction writer Cynthia Sharp. Cynthia Sharp has written a truly amazing, bold, brave, and achingly honest book of poetry. Bravo! I was really … Continue reading Review: Rainforest in Russet by Cynthia Sharp